Wig Straps Clear - Bulk

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This listing is for Lace Wig Straps in bulk at a discounted rate.  You will receive 10 straps using this option.

Select "1" to receive 10 straps. Select "2" to receive 20 straps... and so on.

10 Strap Per Package

The clear Lace Wig Straps are made to wear with double-sided wig tape. Usually for people with sensitive scalps that prefer not to use glue or tape directly on the scalp.  

The Lace Wig Straps provide a barrier between the skin and the wig protecting the skin from direct contact with the glue or tape.

The strap is 1/2" wide, the ideal tape size to use would also be 1/2" in width. I sell both 1/2" and 5/16" which is smaller than the strap.

Do not place the tape or straps at the edge of your wigs, place it a few centimeters back as shown in the photo.

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