About Me....

I am from two generations of self taught Wigmakers. I began making wigs for myself because of my own hair loss, I suffered from Traction Alopecia which resulted from years of wearing braids and hair weaves to tightly. 

As a skilled seamstress, I began designing my own wig caps from scratch but having a very sensitive hairline, I wasn't able to use combs to keep my wigs secure.  I begin designing and experimenting with different kinds of elastic to create a comfortable strap that I could wear multiple ways. 

This led me to creating two distinct wig straps, one made from clear polyurethane that can be worn with double-sided wig tape and one made from black elastic that can be sewn in.  These two straps provide a variety of ways to keep your wigs tight and secured.

After the straps were finalized, I submitted a US Patent in 2013 under the name "Lace Support Strap". 

You'll find great comfort in knowing that you can exercise, swim, jog, roller-skate, ski and do a variety of things without having any fears that your wig will fall off.  

Lily Seymour