Welcome and Introduction

I'm Lily, an Inventor, Writer and Wig Designer.  I am from two generations of self taught Wig Makers and Seamstresses. I am also the Inventor and Designer of the highly acclaimed  Lace Support Straps sold here on this site. 

I created the "Lace Support Straps" Patent to help keep our wigs from slipping back.  Now you can enjoy every activity that you can possibly imagine in total comfort knowing that your wig will stay securely in place without slipping back.

I offer Wigmaking Training, Instructions and Consultations, you can find out more information about my services here Wigmaking Blog.

I am also a Beauty Blogger where I share beauty tips, makeup reviews, swatches and makeup looks, you can find out more here Beauty Blog.

Also connect with me on Social Media!

Warmest regards,
Lily S.

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