Lace Wig Strap Instructions

lace wig strap wig bands wig straps

  • For maximum hold, make sure your hands and skin are totally free of oil or makeup. Use alcohol to clean.  Let dry.  Strap will not adhere to a harry neck/skin.  Shave area if needed.
  • Position your wig strap in place around your head making sure that the stationery fastener is right behind your ear. Tighten by using the sliding fastener across the back of neck.
  • Using the Double Sided Tape - Position the edge of your wig tape right above the ear.
  • Stretch the wig tape along the front side of the Lace Wig Strap while pressing firmly down for a strong hold. Once you get to the other side, use scissors to cut the wig tape from the roll.
  • Before you remove the top portion of the wig tape, position your wig in place. Fold your wig back to prevent hairs from touching the wig tape.
  • Once your wig is in place, use tweezers to remove the top layer of the tape.
  • Align the edge of the wig with the edge of the strap. Firmly press down the center portion first. Proceed to one side and then the other side while keeping the edges aligned. You will ultimately know the best position to align your wig on the strap from experience.
  • Optional: You can sew the straps on the ends using clear thread to prevent them from lifting.

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